Ardfallen Motorcare provides a professional diagnostics service for cars and vans, accurately identifying any performance issues and providing effective solutions. With so many advancements in vehicle electronics, diagnostics are becoming more and more important to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. We have invested in the latest in diagnostics technology to ensure we are able to accurately diagnose cars and vans of all makes and model.
If you notice any warning lights showing on your dashboard bring your vehicle down to Ardfallen Motorcare as soon as possible, as prolonged driving may cause further damage resulting in more costly repairs.
Ardfallen Motorcare are unique in that our diagnostics include the use of dealer level software to provide a top quality service. We can accurately pinpoint the cause of your issues and quickly provide a suitable solution so you are back on the road in no time.

Warning lights appearing on your dashboard? Contact Ardfallen Motorcare to book your vehicle in for a comprehensive diagnostics test.

Bosch Diagnostics

As part of our partnership with Bosch Ardfallen Motorcare use Bosch professional diagnostics tools which are widely recognised for their quality and innovation. As a result of our access to these advanced tools we are able to quickly and effectively diagnose all vehicle issues, as well as those with unique requirements.